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Fair and Ethical Recruitment: What Does It Mean and How to Implement It?

The orientation video for recruitment agencies in Viet Nam, “Fair and Ethical Recruitment: What Does It Mean and How to Implement It?”, is a comprehensive resource designed to promote fair and ethical recruitment practices in Viet Nam. This video serves as a guide for recruitment agencies, providing insights into upholding international standards in the recruitment process.

In today's global supply chains, fair and ethical recruitment is not only legally mandated but also demanded by international brands seeking to ensure their goods and services are free from exploitation and forced labour. Recognizing the vital role played by recruitment agencies, IOM emphasizes the importance of adhering to these standards to safeguard the rights and well-being of Vietnamese migrant workers.

Throughout the orientation video, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of key principles such as Employer Pays Principle, prevention of exploitation and forced labor, grievance mechanisms, and compliance with national laws and international standards. By adopting these practices, recruitment agencies can contribute to creating a more just and ethical recruitment landscape in Viet Nam.

This video is produced by IOM with financial support from Fast Retailing.



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