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Fair and Ethical Recruitment Due Dilligence Toolkit

The toolkit was developed to support business enterprises in fulfilling their responsibility to respect human rights in the context of international recruitment. It provides practical tools that enterprises can use to conduct comprehensive due diligence in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Practice, and IOM’s Migrant Worker Guidelines (MWGs). It can be used by enterprises to develop or strengthen due diligence processes in directly recruiting and managing business relationships with labour recruiters and private employment agencies that place migrant workers.

The tools within the Toolkit contain detailed guidelines and practical recommendations on how the due diligence processes described in the UNGPs and MWGs can be operationalized. The tools include interactive features that will direct users to the next due diligence process or the corresponding actions that are recommended for them to take. Enterprises may directly use or edit the tools to adapt to the unique nature of their operations and business relationships.

Tools to operationalize fair and ethical recruitment due diligence:

1. Embedding fair and ethical recruitment principles into policies and management systems

2. Identifying and assessing adverse human and labour rights impacts on migrant workers

  • Risk Assessment Tool
  • Self-assessment Checklist 

3. Preventing and mitigating adverse human and labour rights impacts on migrant workers

  • Corrective Action Plan Template (linked to the Self-assessment Checklist)
  • Training Management Tool
  • Pre-departure Orientation Checklist
  • Post-arrival Orientation Template

4. Tracking implementation and results

  • Worker Interview Tool
  • Fair and Ethical Recruitment Due Diligence Monitoring Tool

5. Communicating how adverse impacts are addressed

  • Grievance and Remediation Management Tool
  • Grievance and Remediation Monitoring Tool




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