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Case Studies Illustrating How Fair and Ethical Recruitment Considerations Can Be Integrated in the Procurement of Labour Recruiters’ Services

Although present literature provides guidance on fair and ethical recruitment, there is a lack of attention on how the procurement of labour recruiters’ services can be leveraged to prevent forced labour and exploitation in global supply chains. Labour recruiters have been essential not only in meeting the global demand for migrant labour, but also in ensuring the rights of migrant workers and upholding fair and ethical recruitment principles. This study focuses on the procurement process as an early step in managing forced labour risks for migrant workers when engaging with labour recruiters.  
To provide practical examples on improving procurement practices and integrating fair and ethical recruitment standards in the supply chain management of business enterprises, this research uses case studies, key informant interviews, and desk reviews to identify common challenges and barriers to the adoption of ethical procurement practices.  
The identified challenges and successes from actual cases further guide the recommendations to mainstream ethical recruitment in the procurement of labour recruiters’ services. In line with IOM’s mission, this study provides a strong foundation for building the case for labour recruiters to fulfill their responsibility to respect migrant workers’ rights.



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