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Understanding and Assessing Human and Labour Rights Risks to Migrant Workers in Global Supply Chains: global launch of IOM’s Labour Migration Process Mapping Guide for Businesses

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Join our global online launch to learn more about IOM’s Labour Migration Process Mapping Guide - a practical tool for businesses to identify, mitigate, and address the human and labour rights risks to migrant workers within international supply chains.

Migrant workers make valuable contributions to societies and are integrated into the global economy in various sectors. However, gaps in labour migration governance, as well as unethical recruitment and employment practices, increase the risks of exploitation.

The growing body of mandatory human rights due diligence legislation mandates business enterprises to conduct their business and manage their supply chains in a manner that respects human and labour rights of all workers, including migrant workers. Having a commitment in place is no longer sufficient as businesses are now expected to demonstrate that proactive actions have been taken to conduct human rights due diligence, diagnose and assess risks, strengthen transparency and traceability, and engage with affected stakeholders in a meaningful way.

IOM’s Labour Migration Process Mapping Guide provides businesses with step-by-step instructions on how to retrace the steps that migrant workers take from their communities of origin to their workplaces in destinations and diagnose and respond to any systemic issues within its operations and supply chains that make them more vulnerable to exploitation. 

During the event, speakers will also discuss trends, progresses and good practices on fair and ethical recruitment and how businesses can apply labour migration process mapping to enhance their supply chain transparency and address the specific vulnerabilities of migrant workers.


Tuesday 23 May 2023 | 14:00 - 15:30 (GMT+7)



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